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Healing & Growth Sessions

My Mentoring & Coaching approach draws from Authentic Presence, Intuition & Spirituality. +Compassionate Inquiry approach (CI).
Trauma Informed + Mindfulness based.

We go deeper with: Breathwork Healing, Energy Work-Reiki & Healing Massage Therapy.

Issues, problems and triggers will not stop, but the way you engage with them will enormously change. This is when freedom really begins. 

Healing & Growth Sessions


Coaching/ Mentoring

We start our session with a few grounding techniques or breathes together. We check-in with your intention or inquiry for this time or review depending on your journey with me. It is a beautiful flow between mirroring back what I heard, see and sense and questioning elements, while maintaining the awareness on the sensations and emotions that arise in the body. (Yes it is part somatic work as well!). We generally close our practice with a sense of rich connection and inner peace while holding new awareness and inner guidance.

talk therapy coaching

Breathwork Healing

This session is dedicated to your breathe and energy within. It is an ACTIVE Guided MEDITATION. We set an intention and take a few minutes to discuss what’s happening for you right now in your life. Then, I guide you using a gentle relaxing breathe to ignite inner connection. Next, we move into a more powerful breathing practice for about 25-30 min with the sound of soothing music. Physical sensations will increase helping the connection to the body, while the internal ego voice softens. The breath being the bridge for your spirit or soul to communicate; images, sounds, new ideas or insights often arise. You may experience complete breakthrough or Healing depending on your very personal journey. 

mindfulness energy work

Mindfulness & Healing Energy

Those are part of my continuous personal practice, devotion and lifestyle. You will always receive some Healing Energy when we work together. Everything is energy and how we take care, nourish and expand our own Love/Energy is a game changer. As for mindfulness aka Presence moment by moment is integral part of my life. As both Energy awareness and Mindfulness are modelled to you, it becomes inspiring and natural for you to integrate & generalize those practices and Art of Living in your very own life. 

I deeply DESIRE my 1 Hour Healing & Growth Session

Choose Your Format

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1 Healing & Growth Session


GO Deeper. This Program is a unique and beautiful online container for 2-10 ppl max, for a 3 months period. We will experience the healing power of showing up in a group together. It is also perfect experience for those who haven’t joined a healing circle or group before, as this will be a very intimate group. The aim of this group is to allow guidance, reflection, and growth in our journey, welcoming back our true personal power.

It is NEW and only a few places available. The focus is on Transforming and Integrating our Personal Power, with love.

Starting dates: February 2023, May 2023.

For specific dates, questions or 1:1 personal power mentoring Inquiry contact me

Bodywork-Massage Therapy:

‘Touch the body. Heal the mind. Calm the spirit. -Unknown.


Breath Work “Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body. "-Thich Nhat Hanh.

In those sessions we use a connected-conscious breath by the mouth with 2 inhales followed by 1 exhale (2:1). There is no holding or retaining breath. It is a safe and very powerful practice. This breathing pattern tends to calm the mind or ego, it connects you to your body sensations (as they most likely increase due to high amount of O2 we are bringing in). This creates space to access higher thoughts, images, sensations, or level of awareness. This practice is often referred as an Active Meditation or a “short cut to healing. Available Online.

Coaching/ Mentoring “We are wounded in a relationship… and we are healed in relationship." -Harville Handrix.

This is the conventional talk through-it session, where more than words, the relational container provides space for healing. It is to express & uncover what truly needs to be heard, seen, release and love. We cruise through discussions, teachings and insights that encourages natural healing. I use an empathetic, authentic and compassionate presence. Available online. *Compassionate Inquiry Sessions are also available.

*Compassionate Inquiry: Is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Mate which reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world. It is a somatic-based psychotherapeutic approach that gently uncovers and releases layers of childhood trauma, constriction and suppressed emotion embedded in the body, that are at the root of physical and mental illness and addiction. It draws upon the fields of interpersonal neurobiology, epigenetics, polyvagal and social engagement theory, internal family systems, the understanding and research of trauma, the body-stress connection, and somatic practice. Available online.

Healing Massage/ Bodywork ‘Touch the body. Heal the mind. Calm the spirit. -Unknown.

This is a highly relaxing healing and intuitive massage. It resembles your usual relaxing massage except the intuitive touch adjust itself to your body & state. The nurturing touch & presence offer a sense of connection within. I often include conscious breathing in those session. Again, you will find energy healing always flowing. Some of my influence come from Shiatsu, Thai Yoga massage & neuro-lymphatic. Available In-Person. Camp Bay Lodge, Roatan.

Mindfulness/ Energy Work I believe that healing & healing energy is always available to all of us. On the other hand, one most cultivate a deep sense of presence, moment by moment (aka (mindfulness) to become aware and in touch with it. At the end of each session, I like to leave space for questions and integration, where we can share tips & tricks on meditation & mindfulness. Available online.

During our Coaching/ Mentoring sessions we will integrate Breathwork Healing and Energy Healing when you are ready and feel open to it.

You can always add "A La Carte a specific session for Bodywork/ Massage Therapy, Breathwork Healing or Energy Healing (Reiki).

Oftentimes, it is a combination of healing modalities that brings about the deepest growth.


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