Mind-Body Approach: a path back to your Essence.

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We don’t need to make this harder than it is…

Some channels worked efficiently with the mind and others with the body. You won’t get the same results with both, but both are needed for a larger understanding of ourselves.

With the mind you’ll connect with some beliefs and stories that would eventually lead you to some emotions. And because we never fully learned how to express the wide range of emotions that exist, most of them end up stuck in our tissues, muscles and fascia etc. That is why I recommend to always study or explore both. The body has its keys and ways of talking.

Yes, no wonder we might burst in tears during a massage or a yoga asana. You are not crazy, you are just in touch, aware and present to your beautiful human nature and healing potential. 

We are not just 1 thing; we are everything and it is everywhere.

The mind is beautiful, and I know how hard of a path it is to try to harness it. I guess like most of us, I started the path, trying to “control or reduce my “thinking.

Wrong way. Turn around. 

The reality (or at least what works for me) is nothing about “trying or “harnessing…We want to be liberated right? We want to be free. 

Expansion brings that feeling, but without the contraction there would be no expansion, so here it is. Both. Nature’s balance. Also, present in the breath inhaling-exhaling. Can’t have just the inhale and expansion, the contraction is part of the legit process. So here it is for the mind. 

You can see some positive thoughts and negatives thoughts. Same way you can’t get rid of your exhale or contraction process… you can’t get rid of your “bad thoughts or the Judge wich create suffering, stress and constrictions. 

But… BUT you can interact differently with them or with your Judge. 

In fact, I recommend being curious and open to them. Expanding in the ‘bad thoughts. Having a certain distance with them (this comes with practicing mindfulness for example or having a certain spiritual practice or at least some interest in it).

Why do we think that by controlling we will get what we want? And what is it that we want? 

The real freedom is obtained when we understand and feel. 

We become able to observe, accept, receive, exchange, express, without the rigidity, when we can contain with love and let free with trust, we connect to the original and natural music within ourselves, we retrieve our Freedom. 

Therefore, it is not the control of the mind but the curiosity of the mind.

The more you practice with different tools to comprehend your mind, the more you will be able to let go of the tools and just be curious about the mind, without being attached to the overwhelming judgments. You will experience life as it is, and the peace coming with that. But there is a work to do. It is a practice. There is an awareness to gain, always. 

That is why we study ourselves, but while we study, we must learn to apply compassion. It is one big key.

You will love even the dark thought, says Ram Dass. 

Loving-Curiosity for your thoughts, for how your mind process, for the way the same thoughts return.

As you practice this, you also practice coming in within yourself. 

Checking in. 

You practice the connection with your body. You see your thoughts, but you bring the awareness on the body sensations or the breath. You start from barely feeling anything to slowly growing into every subtle sensations, to feeling later on your psoas or fascia contracting as you are driving and activating a certain type of energy or thought pattern within yourself, to feeling a wave of emotions and so on. This higher level of awareness helps you create your life, rather than running being and be stuck in a constant reaction chain. It gives you time.

I also mentioned “as you feel, you heal. 

That is why we co-create healing using our body & mind. Our body is an enormous vessel for feeling. 

We can first feel the physical sensations and choose activities like martial arts, Taichi, Yoga, Expressive arts, dance etc. to connect with our body, to move energy within, to gain more subtle awareness of what’s happening inside. Then slowly with this energy moving emotions arise.  You know… “Emotion is Energy in Motion, said long ago Neale Donald Walsch.

You can also chose to move the body or the energy with a practitioner, who he/she her/himself has already developed that kind of awareness and has learned to study her/himself. The real knowledge is always within.

All kind of massage therapies helps on a first place to gain awareness of your own body but also can unlock stuck emotions, images and unconscious material who can be of use during your personal inquiry journey. On your path back to Essence.

Breathwork can also bring unconscious material to your mind as it has the quality of calming the ego mind, therefore creating space for new thoughts and awareness. If you don’t know breathwork, it is also described as an “active meditation and we sometimes refer to it as a “short cut to healing. 

Yes there is many modalities out there, endless types of therapies, approaches and methods to personal growth and healing and it can get confusing, I get it. 

That is why my advice is you must listen and integrate both: your mind and your body. 

Make sure you found a practitioner who is doing her/his own work and self-study, so that they are not “applying a technique on you, but they are deeply listening with a full empathetic presence, to all of your unique languages from your voice, your words, your own subtle energy moving.

If you want to know more about my work, you can connect to my webpage or join for an online session. I use somatic and intuitive approach as it combines both, the ability to connect; first talking and using the content that come to your mind (the triggers, the daily situations, or problems) than a redirection to the body to helps sensations and emotions complete their dance. I also have a gentle hands-on practice here in Roatan, integrating energy work and massage, if your physical body is craving for healing.

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