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Clarity, Emotional Release and Peace Within

Coaching & Mentoring + Breathwork Healing, Energy Healing & Bodywork

“If you want to be surrounded by Souls, become identified with your Soul. It takes one to know one!”


I was longing to be truly seen, from the inside-out.

The storm, the magic, the light, the dark.

And all the beautiful shades in between. 

I was longing for touch, for inner and outer nourishment, for being nurture and to nurture. I was longing to have a mentor, a guide who could light the path in front of me when I could not see it anymore. I was longing for presence, for living differently and for feeling connected; to myself and others. The longing lead me where I had to be. Within myself. [Oh well, it also led me on an experiential path where I learn and practice multitude approaches in the Healing Arts.] For more than a decade, I integrate a rich Spiritual life field with tools that allows the unfolding of Growth, Self-Healing & Transformation.

What You Gain

  • Develop & nurture your own ability for Self-compassion
  • Learn techniques and tools to resource yourself
  • Clarity within yourself and in your life.
  • Processing and liberating emotions in a safe compassionate space.
  • Understand your own coping mechanism…
  • Welcome & support your growth, expansion, transformation, and healing journey.

Want to know what a session together feels like?

Take a pen and your Journal. Sit alone in a calm place. Breathe in & out a few times.

Do a short grounding or give yourself a shake.

Now take 4-5 deep breaths again.

Let’s start.


What is the longing hiding in your heart?
What are you really desiring in your life?
What is leaving a whole in your heart?
What makes you lose your ground?
What are the emotions you can’t stand?
What are your triggers?
How is it really going with your partner, your kids?
When do you feel connected?
When do you feel disconnected, alone or even helpless?

Now, let’s breathe again. 

Your Questions!

I’m passionate about working together with the body (breath) & the mind. I love sessions that are talk-therapy orientated and coaching, while other sessions are directly with the body (like Bodywork/Healing Massages and Breathwork sessions).

The use of both mind & body allows powerful insights and deeper integration.

It is present in every session. It is something that I have learn to embody and that comes with pure Presence. You will always have access to it.

Such alternative therapies help to: release blocks or unconscious beliefs & access emotions. Therefore, enhances clarity & connection to our own intuition or path. It also provides support during life challenges.

Not sure or you’d like to know more; hop on a 15min free call with me.

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Is this for me? YES, WHEN...

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Healing Retreats

Roatan, Honduras 

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Camp Bay, Roatan

Early bird price $1800 tax incl. For a private accommodation
(All inclusive, 3 meals, airport transfer and your group sessions with Marilou including yoga, meditation, healing circle and breathwork sessions).

Download free Mediation

Hi there, this is a simple recording for you to have a chance to see what kind a energy I bring in. I share a few tips that I use for meditating and I guide you within for a short moment, so you too can experience some presence. If you are ready for more, I am there for you!

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