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As long as I remember… connection, passion, spirituality, living life your own way, as always been themes very present in my life.

In childhood I was an artist, writer, joy creator, intuitive healer, vibrant and strongly connected with God.

In the first part of my adult life, I stayed connected and intuitive but choose a conventional path and became an Occupational Therapist, in Canada. As much as I loved all what support this profession, I lacked being outside, free and vibrant.

You can never run from who you are and should not. At some point it will come back to you. If you don't hear the whispers you will hear the screams. Life is your mirror. What you DO in life should leave enough space and freedom to channel exactly who you ARE.

Be your full ESSENCE,

Despite my liking for this career and life, I DECIDED to pursue the qualities that where missing in my life. I packed my bags and started an extraordinary journey of becoming a professional Kitesurfer. This journey was the perfect occasion to quench my thirst for personal growth and self-realization. I went on studies and multitude of trainings & courses to go deeper within (a first for me) than with the desire to share with the world. 

Until this day, my quest continue to be about: “Bringing in my life the qualities, energies and values I desire the most. 


The qualities such as peace, grace, vibrance, connection, nourishment and trust, are what I value and place forward. They keep me growing & glowing. 

Continuous Learning

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Interest & Further Learnings

Did I tell you?
In 2012, together with my partner and lover Chris, we started a Kiteschool (@Kitesurfroatan) and a few years later we created a retreat space at Camp Bay Lodge our hotel, where we share our vision of Mindful Life & Slow Living.
What a Journey right?! And it's always just a beginning.

If you want to join a special journey,
you can join me on a discovery call.


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